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50+ Years of servicing the industrial sector in Canada and abroad with our Instrumentation expertise is a strong testament to the quality and commitment you can expect from Western System Controls. From our North Vancouver B.C. roots (1972-1984) to our subsequent relocation to Gibsons B.C. (1984 – 1997), and currently operating out of Kelowna, B.C. (1997 – current), and Coquitlam, B.C. (1984 – current) we continue to strongly support the many Clients who rely and depend on us for their process control installation and servicing needs.

As many of our industrial Clients can attest, instrumentation can often get left in the hands of the under-skilled and/or under-qualified. Not all instrument technicians are the same. Some have been trained strictly on theory prior to entering the field, and others have been trained by one Owner without the exposure to multiple processes utilizing numerous manufacturers in far differing industries.

Our highly skilled Instrument Technicians have gone through a 4 or 5 year apprenticeship program, which includes a combination of theory and practical experience, and all will possess a “Red Seal” Inter-provincially accepted Technical Qualification in the field of Industrial Instrument Technician/Mechanic. Further still, theirs and our network of management, co-workers, and industry professionals help to get any complicated process control problems they encounter solved quicker and with more accurate results. Furthermore, all supplied test equipment will have been checked within the last year by an independent 3rd party laboratory, back to NIST traceable standards, and will be used to calibrate your process control instruments to a standard better than 1.0% of full scale.

The discipline of Instrumentation is but 0.5% of the entire project, but can lead to 100% of the problems. Having the right contractor and the proper instrument technicians there to assist in pre-calibrations, installation, loop tuning, and commissioning, is all critical in guaranteeing the successful start-up, completion, and subsequent hand over to operational personnel.

We at Western System Controls Ltd. offer, but are not limited to: Calibration, Field Installations, Loop Checking, Commissioning, Start-Up, Servicing, and Control Panel Manufacturing for both Industrial and Commercial Instrumentation projects. We have, since our inception in 1972, been actively involved in the installation and servicing of Industrial Instrumentation control packages for a multitude of Clients. We are a Union Certified building trades contractor (U.A. Agreements signed across the Canada), utilizing Government ticketed Journeymen Instrument Technicians. We have accumulated many years experience in the fields of Calibrating, Installing, Commissioning and Servicing Control Packages for a variety of industries; Power Plants; Potash Mines; Pulp & Paper, Ore Mining, Oil Refineries, Gas Plants; Chemical Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Breweries, Food Processing Plants, Water Treatment Facilities, Pumping Stations, Effluent Pollution Control Systems and Boiler Controls. We have worked in the past on projects located all across Canada, in The U.S., as well as International locations such as China, Europe, and southeast Asia.

As a Building Trade’s Contractor signatory to the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, all trades people will be dispatched through local UA Dispatch Centres. As mentioned previously, all Journeypersons will hold a Technical Qualification certificate and an Inter-provincial ticket in the field of Industrial Instrument Technician/Mechanic.

When it comes to Instrumentation support, the choice is clear….. Western System Controls Ltd….. for ALL of your process control needs!

Western System Controls Ltd.
Denis G. Hostland, A.A.Sc.
President & C.E.O

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