The discipline of Instrumentation is but 0.5% of the entire project but can lead to 100% of the problems during start up.

Having the right contractor and the proper instrument technicians there to assist in pre-calibrations, installation, loop tuning, and commissioning, is all critical in guaranteeing the successful completion, and subsequent handover of the project to operational personnel.

  • Industrial Instrumentation Contracting has been Western System Controls business since its inception in 1973. We have extensive experience calibrating, installing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining  process control instruments for all major industrial sectors. Including, but not limited to: Power, Ore Mining and Processing, Potash, Oil Refining, Chemical handling and Processing, Gas Plants and Pumping Stations, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing, Breweries, and Sewage and Water Treatment.
  • Western System Controls is a Union Certified Building Trades Contractor, meaning that we can attend to ALL union and non-union sites alike. Whether your project is located in Vancouver B.C., Flin Flon Manitoba, or even Beijing China, our highly skilled and trained Government Ticketed Journeyman Instrument Technicians are ready to travel IMMEDIATELY to handle all of your complicated process control needs.

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